Short update: After riding more than a few miles with the dual front discs, I found I was having a couple issues. 1) The brakes were dragging, and 2) they were squealing. So I pulled the front brake assembly apart (again) to investigate. The return hole (the tiny one) in the master cylinder was not clogged, and the caliper bracket pivot was free and smooth. This was where it hit me: I did not replace the piston seal, and I had re-used the old pistons which had some pitting. These are likely prime reasons why the brakes were dragging. So I installed new piston seals, as well as some new phenolic pistons. The phenolic pistons are lighter (by about 98 grams each!) and will never pit.

While I was in there, I also did everything I could to eliminate the squeal. I put a good chamfer on the pads with my belt sander, re-lubed the mechanical contact surfaces (not the friction surfaces, duh!) with caliper grease. Finally, I thought I would also try an insulator. These things are basically punched out of gasket-maker material. They go behind the inboard pad, between the pad and caliper. Honda designed the pad to "pivot" on a radiused ball on the back of the inboard pad. This "feature" leads you to believe that the pad will always stay square to the rotor and wear evenly... If you actually study the mechanics of the caliper arm, you will see that it really doesn't help that much (just look at an old worn pad - notice how it is NOT worn even). Best I can tell this insulator essentially eliminates the "pivot" of the pad, minimizing the chatter and noise.

So did all this fix my 2 issues? YEP!

Other randomness: I finally installed the left crankcase cover - had to buy a good used on eBay, as my original had some chain damage. I installed yet another K&N filter, this time on the engine breather. I got tired of the extra-long adjusters on the rear, so made a couple shorter units. I also finally replaced the rear peg rubber (one was melted). And finally: now that the hot weather has set in, the adhesive wheel weights have started to fall off. Doh! I think I need to scuff the weights, and use a little 3M VHB to fix...