No major updates lately - been quite busy... I did manage, however, to get the new exhaust installed. It is a Mac 4 into 1 canister system. Sounds and looks darn good. I'm sure it will need to be stripped and a high-temp coating applied at some point. I may also pull the baffle out and see how that sounds in the near future. While I was in there, I also yanked the center stand. Between the new filters and exhaust, the bike will likely need to be re-jetted.

I've got a handful more parts on the way, including the bits and pieces I need to do the dual front disc conversion, new shocks and progressive springs, new halogen headlight, and more mirrors (I decided I didnt like the look of the bar end units).  More on all that stuff later.

I have also finally decided on my new tire size. 110/90-19 front, and 130/80-18 rear. Probably stick with a set of Metzeler's. Rims and spokes will be from Buchanan's.

Only a little bit more work to do before the first ride: Replacement swing arm install and front brakes.

The bike didnt have the entire front brake system when I got it. I have had an entire setup (via eBay) for a while. I finally got around to cleaning it up and getting it installed. The caliper and lines were full of nastiness. Got that crud all flushed out, got them installed, bled, and now life is good. I didnt rebuild the master cylinder, as I expect to replace it with a dual circuit unit for the conversion to dual discs up front.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I did manage to do a bit more of a tune up. I checked the timing with my light, and it was dead on. Also checked the dwell - again dead on. Finally, I connected my synchronizer, and fine tuned the carbs. Runs real smooth and sounds great.

The next step was dealing with the bent swing arm. You can see how bad it is in the first "level" pic below. I pulled the entire rear suspension out and swapped in a good used swing-arm. It made a huge difference. While I was in there, I also inspected for other bent parts (to include the axle) - all else is good. 

Got it all back together, threw the old chain and sprocket on, and went for the first ride! It leaks oil, the tires are old, and the front end is a little loose, but otherwise the maiden voyage was perfect.

Got the electrical harness installed - its somewhat temporary, as it will all be coming off in the not too distant future, but I digress. I installed the carbs, and ran new fuel lines with a couple new filters. Also got the cables and ignition switch installed.

Got the battery charged up, added some fresh fuel to the tank, threw it in neutral and hit the go button... It fired right up - first try! Surprised the heck out of me.

It runs pretty darn good considering I havent yet put the timing light to it, and have not synchronized the carbs. I can hear a bit of a knock - timing might be off, but could also be some rod knock. I will be rebuilding the engine shortly, so its not a huge deal. so long as I dont blow it all up in the meantime (which I am really good at). It also seems to be running a bit rich, but again - more tuning is needed.

So the next step is some more tuning, install the front brake, get the new swing arm installed, throw the sprocket and chain back on and then go for a test ride.

Below are a couple videos. Quality is poor and the sound sucks, but you get the idea. The top video is the very first startup - I set the camera up just to capture whatever happened - didnt expect it to fire right up!
Got started on electrical. I focused on the core parts just to get the bike running. I had an extra complete wiring harness (via eBay), so I went through all the parts to select the "best" components between my two sets. Also checked for shorts in the main harness while I was at it.
The starter had a significant short - no wonder someone had to use a screwdriver bit as a fuse! After removing the damaged insulation, a little soldering with my torch, and then a few layers of heat shrink and it was all fixed.

From there it all just needed to be cleaned up. Many components just got dusted off. The harness itself I opted to soak in soapy water and brush thoroughly. I then yanked every single connector, cleaned, wire brushed, polished, and applied a light coat of dielectric grease. I also completely disassembled and rebuilt the controls. It was a pain, and I'm tired of all the miniature springs and e-clips :-)

Got it all back together and bench tested the electrical and it all works great, so I installed everything I could onto my new bars.

Also got a few more new parts: K&N filters, seat foam, and a seat cover - more on that stuff later... Also finished up the tune-up stuff: Oil and filter changed, and gapped/installed new plugs.