Now I've gone and done it. As if I needed more to do :-)

It’s a 1975 Honda CB550K. I'm thinking total rebuild - perhaps some cafe racer styling cues.

The first two pictures below were provided by the seller - I believe they were taken in Montana by the previous seller. Note the black paint on the tank. The next four pictures were taken in Phoenix, when I picked the bike up. The remaining pictures were all taken back in Tucson after bringing the bike home.

Knowing that I was going to rebuild the bike, I wasn’t particularly concerned with the few missing parts, or the fact that it is not in running condition. Overall it is a mostly complete vintage bike with 22k on the odometer and a clean title. The rear tail light had been broken but was included, as was the missing rear turn-signal. The side covers, chain guard, and mirrors were missing - but no big deal, as I do not plan to use them. Really the only thing missing I would have liked to have had is the front brake system (master cylinder and caliper), but I managed to find one on eBay.

Further inspection revealed some amateur electrical "fixes" (see the last two pictures for a chuckle). Someone used a screwdriver bit as a fuse. Obviously there were some issues with the ignition switch, as it was MIA and in its place was a plastic battery compartment from a child's toy attached to the frame with a RadioShack switch installed. It somewhat worked... I was able to get the horn to honk, and the turn signals to light up solid. What do you expect for a 37 year old bike!?

Mechanically almost everything appears to be in order (sans the missing front brakes). Only one of the push/pull throttle cables is in place, and the clutch lever and exhaust are not "correct." Someone installed some nice 7/8" ID rubber hose for grips. The bike has a few dings and scratches, but nothing indicating it has been dumped at speed - perhaps just knocked over. The seat and gauge faces are definitely sunbaked, but that is easily fixed. The rear tire is bald, and the front holds air for an hour - again, not a surprise, and it will all be replaced anyway. Somewhere along its life, a previous owner painted portions of it with some sort of rubbery latex paint... with a brush.... The seller I purchased from had cleaned some of it off, exposing some of the original "candy jade green" paint. The funny part is that the paint appears to have protected some of the parts from the elements.

I wasted no time draining the old fuel from the tank, pulling the seat and tank, and then yanking the entire wiring harness. If I had a nickel for every wire nut I removed I would be a rich man. Time to order some parts and figure out a plan.

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