Spent some time de-greasing. Despite having a couple buckets under the bike, I still made a huge mess (go figure!). Good thing my garage floor is epoxy coated. I did a finish rinse in the driveway with dish soap - bike is pretty clean, driveway is dirty.

I didnt really find any more major surprises. After I got the sprocket off, I did find some wear - possibly from a loose/broken chain. No serious damage; I'll clean it up at engine rebuild.

In preparation to fire up the engine, I did all the normal tune-up stuff: Adjusted valves - most were out a bit, #1 intake was WAY out. Checked cam chain tensioner adjustment. Installed new points and condensors (havnt done that in a while), gapped, and static timed with an ohm meter. I think I will eventually swap it over to electronic ignition and ditch the points - I did this on my VW a long time ago, and never looked back.

Still need to gap and install the new plugs, and change the oil & filter; No big deal. Also need to re-install the rebuilt carbs.

Now I need to bench test the entire electrical system and get the bike temporarily wired. Will likely install the new bars and all the controls just to make it all easier to run. I hope to have it running by 10/7 if all goes well, so look for a video around that time-frame...

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