Pulled some more parts off the bike to facilitate ongoing work: Rear inner fender, various covers, starter, the fugly airbox setup, carbs (all of them), intake manifold, chain, drive sprocket, and a bunch of other crap.

Underneath, the engine was pretty nasty - years of crusty buildup. It all needs to be cleaned up a bit before I can dig in and get everything setup to fire this sucker up.

One thing I noticed when I got the bike was the un-even wear on the rear tire. I didnt think much of it. It actually looked 'crooked', but I attributed that to the bent rear fender. Once I got the rear inner fender off, I could easily see the tire was canted at an angle. After further investigation and a few measurements, I found the swing-arm was actually bent on rider left side. Soooo, I spent quite a bit of time inspecting/measuring the rest of the frame - and found no other issues. Everything else seems straight as an arrow. At any rate, $30 later via eBay and I have a good swing-arm on the way.

Spent the rest of the day rebuilding the carbs. All 4 of them. Good times! They were pretty nasty, mis-adjusted, and just plain sad looking. Nothing some good-ole chem-dip cant clean up after a few hour soak.

The rebuild kit parts all fit great, except for the darn float bowl o-ring. It was slightly undersized, and after struggling with it for a while, I tossed it and re-used the old ones. Also: the kits dont include the fuel "T" o-rings (also re-used), or the float bowl drain o-ring (my harbor freight metric o-ring kit had a size that fit). I'll order in some more o-rings later.

I set the carbs up mechanically to nominal settings, to include float level, which was way off. Should be good enough to start the engine with - will fine tune adjustments later.

While I was at it, I also cleaned & rebuilt the petcock.

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