Got started on electrical. I focused on the core parts just to get the bike running. I had an extra complete wiring harness (via eBay), so I went through all the parts to select the "best" components between my two sets. Also checked for shorts in the main harness while I was at it.
The starter had a significant short - no wonder someone had to use a screwdriver bit as a fuse! After removing the damaged insulation, a little soldering with my torch, and then a few layers of heat shrink and it was all fixed.

From there it all just needed to be cleaned up. Many components just got dusted off. The harness itself I opted to soak in soapy water and brush thoroughly. I then yanked every single connector, cleaned, wire brushed, polished, and applied a light coat of dielectric grease. I also completely disassembled and rebuilt the controls. It was a pain, and I'm tired of all the miniature springs and e-clips :-)

Got it all back together and bench tested the electrical and it all works great, so I installed everything I could onto my new bars.

Also got a few more new parts: K&N filters, seat foam, and a seat cover - more on that stuff later... Also finished up the tune-up stuff: Oil and filter changed, and gapped/installed new plugs.

7/22/2014 03:30:57 pm

nice post......thanks for sharing this


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