Got the electrical harness installed - its somewhat temporary, as it will all be coming off in the not too distant future, but I digress. I installed the carbs, and ran new fuel lines with a couple new filters. Also got the cables and ignition switch installed.

Got the battery charged up, added some fresh fuel to the tank, threw it in neutral and hit the go button... It fired right up - first try! Surprised the heck out of me.

It runs pretty darn good considering I havent yet put the timing light to it, and have not synchronized the carbs. I can hear a bit of a knock - timing might be off, but could also be some rod knock. I will be rebuilding the engine shortly, so its not a huge deal. so long as I dont blow it all up in the meantime (which I am really good at). It also seems to be running a bit rich, but again - more tuning is needed.

So the next step is some more tuning, install the front brake, get the new swing arm installed, throw the sprocket and chain back on and then go for a test ride.

Below are a couple videos. Quality is poor and the sound sucks, but you get the idea. The top video is the very first startup - I set the camera up just to capture whatever happened - didnt expect it to fire right up!

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