I've been eBaying heavily for the past few weeks, and as a result parts have been steadily arriving.
Below are some of the parts I have received thus far. I know I'm leaving out a lot - cant remember everything. At any rate - this is enough to keep me busy for quite a while.

  • Renthal ultra-low bars (black)
  • Bar end mirrors (not sure I like the look yet - but I'll give them a try)
  • New (smaller than stock) rear tail light
  • New mini-oval turn signals to replace the crazy large OEM ones.
  • OEM ignition switch & bracket, seat lock & bracket, fork lock, and matching key (plus extra NOS matching keys I ordered via ebay) - My bike was missing all these.
  • NOS fuel cap gas latch. Mine was screw-drivered open. FYI these work with any OEM honda key.
  • 4X carb rebuild kits
  • 4X new mini K&N air filters
  • Tune up parts: 4X spark plugs, new condensers, new points, fuel line, fuel filters (will rip out nasty petcock screen), oil filter, oil, etc.
  • Seat cover (stock style)
  • Seat foam (mine is toast - this is actually for a CB750, but I should be able to make it work.)
  • Headlight brackets (stock bracket/reflectors will be yanked)
  • New push & pull throttle cables
  • New clutch cable
  • Kick stand rubber
  • Rear tank mount rubber
  • Master cylinder (X2), caliper (X2) junction block (X2) - will end up using some of the extra parts for a dual front disc brake conversion (I just need another rotor and dual circuit master cylinder). 
  • Wire harness (with everything - coils, rectifier, fuse box, voltage regulator, relays, etc). I figure between this harness and my harness, which is a bit of  a mess, I can make one good setup.
  • Grips
  • Seat latch
  • Speedo & Tach resto parts (face overlay & red/white fluorescent paint)
  • Clutch lever & left hand controls
  • Right hand control switch & throttle (the one that was on the bike was not correct)
  • Various new tools/manuals added to my collection
  • And a whole lot more cool junk on the way...

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