No major updates lately - been quite busy... I did manage, however, to get the new exhaust installed. It is a Mac 4 into 1 canister system. Sounds and looks darn good. I'm sure it will need to be stripped and a high-temp coating applied at some point. I may also pull the baffle out and see how that sounds in the near future. While I was in there, I also yanked the center stand. Between the new filters and exhaust, the bike will likely need to be re-jetted.

I've got a handful more parts on the way, including the bits and pieces I need to do the dual front disc conversion, new shocks and progressive springs, new halogen headlight, and more mirrors (I decided I didnt like the look of the bar end units).  More on all that stuff later.

I have also finally decided on my new tire size. 110/90-19 front, and 130/80-18 rear. Probably stick with a set of Metzeler's. Rims and spokes will be from Buchanan's.

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