Spent some time this weekend bolting on some new parts. I started with the new rear shocks and progressive springs. I'm really happy I went with the black springs - they look good. I also opted not to install the dust caps, as it just looks a lot cleaner. The ride height increased a fair amount with the new springs, so there is now a nice air gap between the fender and tire, but I think the new tires will help with that.

While I was in there, I also installed a new rear brake strap. Its a nice aluminum piece from Joker Machine that replaces the boring looking OEM steel tube.

I finally decided on Mirrors! It took 4 sets before I made up my mind. In the end I went with a set of Ken Sean bar ends, only I modified them so they are not bar ends anymore. I had to cut off the boss (bar end mount) and drill out the holes for M10's so I could bolt them to the controls. I went through all that trouble because they are the right size, and they have an old school look that will fit in with the build.

The tires and tubes are in, though I still need to order the rims and spokes. Both tires are Metzeler Lasertec's. 110/90-19 front, and 130/80-18 rear should really change the look of the bike. The tubes are Bridgestone ultra heavy duty, and by the looks of them, will not be real fun to install; I'm not completely convinced they even need air in them.

The OEM horn sounded like half dead cat being mauled by a coyote 10 miles away, so I replaced it. The new one is a PIAA sport 500hz, and it is pretty loud. I removed all the stupid looking stickers they put on it, so it blends in better. I may end up relocating it at a future date.

The forks needed to come out, so I was finally able to use my shiny new harbor freight motorcycle lift. I had to make some innovative spacers (2X4's bolted together) to get around the exhaust which somewhat detracts from the awesomeness of the made in China aluminum lift, but I digress. While the bike felt pretty sturdy on the lift, I opted to rig up some more supports just in case, as I wasnt sure what the CG was going to do once I yanked the front end. I pulled the forks complete with tire, and brake. The fork gators were removed, and so were the OEM headlight brackets. I also replaced the old fork springs with new progressive ones. I'm sure the fork oil needs to be changed, but I plan to install new fork seals before I bother with that. The upper portion of the forks were a bit rusty. I cleaned them up best I could for now. Eventually the upper portion will be painted black.

I put in a new H4 headlight with a new bucket. Overall it is a slightly more compact unit (7" dia), which makes wiring a little tricky, but looks nice when finished. I also got the new front turn signals installed. Turns out the new signals have the same thread as the headlight bucket, which makes things go together real clean. I'm not completely fond of how I routed the main harness into the bucket (around the frame head and behind the brake joint), so I will probably wind up re-routing it in the near future. The headlight works, but the turn signals stay on solid rather than flash. The flasher is good, so I suspect they stay on solid due to the current draw. I had planned to install a solid state flasher relay anyway, so its just one more excuse to buy some more parts.

Ken Bazinet
11/10/2012 08:40:08 am

Holy crap! Is that rear tire gonna fit between into the space available??!! It looks like a monster! If so, it'll look really cool!!!

11/10/2012 09:28:02 am

Hey Ken - Yeah, its crazy wide compared to the stock tire! It will definitely be a close fit based on my measurements, but there is quite a bit of clearance back there. The limiting factor is the brake strap, which I could modify to gain more clearance if needed. I just got the new rims and spokes in from Buchanans, so with any luck I will know more over the next few weeks, once I get them laced up and trued.


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