Had a successful trip to DMV. The bike title was transferred over to me - though I did have to register it for a year, as AZ DMV no longer does title transfers only. At least it only cost me $24 bucks (and an hour wait). I registered it with a notice of no insurance, as the bike will be under construction for a while. Now I've got a set of MC plates, which reminds me I need to figure out where that will go when I'm done...

The Near Term Plan:
I will completely rebuild this bike including engine and trans. What's the timeframe you ask? Well, it's done when it's done. I'm hoping a year, but who knows - I'm very busy these days. I want to be sure it all works mechanically before I tear into it. So I need to fire it up! The engine compression is decent - plenty good enough to run, therefore my task list is as follows:

- Test all electrical components (coils, regulator, rectifier, etc.) & re-wire ignition components. Bike will be permanently re-wired from scratch at final build.
- Oil & filter change
- Fresh gas
- New fuel lines & filters
- Adjust valve clearance
- Check cam chain adjustment
- Clean air filter
- Rebuild carbs & petcock
- Replace points/condensers/plugs & set gaps
- Install ignition switch
- Set up new bars, controls, cables & adjust
- Get it running (adjust timing, carbs, and synchronize)
- Rev engine and annoy neighbors


The Concept:
After spending countless hours browsing Honda CB pictures online, I think I've somewhat narrowed down the look I'm going for.  It's not completely cafe racer, but it's not stock either. I'm not a huge fan of the 'inverted' style clubman bars. I'm also not particularly thrilled with the minimalist seat cushion and seat "hump" on cafe's - I want this bike to be comfortable!

Long story short, I'm aiming for a clean look. New shorter bars, stock tank, trimmed down fenders, rear hoop, small indicators, bar end mirrors, pod filters (or maybe velocity stacks), 4 into 1 exhaust, and a cleaned up frame (if I can find room to hide the battery/electrical without the cafe seat hump). I have considered yanking the electric starter and going kick only.... But I'm not sure yet. I'm also undecided on what I'm going to do with wheels/tires.

As far as paint colors go, that's a long way off and I've changed my mind several times already. I think I would like to contrast the frame with the rest of the bike. I also like the blacked-out look. Perhaps a yellow, maroon, or gold frame, and black-out everything else? I just don't know yet.

I've added a few pictures below of various CB's (mostly 550's & 750's) with styles that I like (blacked-out, contrasting frame colors, etc.) to give you some idea. I borrowed from Google images, therefore public domain, but if you see your bike here and you don't want it shown, LMK and I will remove (if you ask nicely).

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